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Travel To The Northeast

This The United States abounds with scenic routes and picturesque drives, but the beauty of the Northeast offers landscapes you can't see anywhere else in the country. They chase rivers and scale mountains; they wind through the United States' most adorable small towns and along its most storied coastline. As the East Coast is famous for its fiery autumn colors, many of these trips are especially striking during the fall. However, each season offers something uniquely enjoyable and you can enjoy these drives at any time of the year.

Upper Delaware River Valley

If you've seen those car commercials that show a slick vehicle navigating a wildly undulating mountain road, there's a good chance it was State Route 97 in the Upper Delaware River Valley of Upstate New York. This twisting highway traces the Delaware River, which forms a natural border between New York State and Pennsylvania. The most famous part is a section known as the Hawk's Nest, which covers the 70 miles from Point Jervis to Hancock. It takes about an hour and a half to complete the route, so even though it isn't the fastest way to travel between the cities, it's undoubtedly the prettiest.

Apart from the stomach-churning turns and breathtaking views, travelers should also stop at landmarks along the route including the Minisink Battleground Park, which hosted a skirmish during the Revolutionary War, and Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct, a canal bridge and engineering marvel built in 1848.

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