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Join us for a full walk-through of our 2020 Winnebago Vita 24F.

This is how we show our RVs to our customers and explain how to use the different systems before they take off on their epic road trips so that they have the best possible experience.

(The in-person walkthrough is actually much more detailed)

We demonstrate how to turn on and off the inverter and talk about when you need to use it.

We also show how to reset it if it was accidentally left on when plugged into shore power or the generator was used.

We show how to connect your RV to the Shore Power of your campsite.

We show how all the features of the master control panel work.

This is where you will find the capacity indicators, water pump, and water heater controls as well as the generator controls.

We demonstrate how to operate the slide safely and use best practices.

We also show the distance needed to use it from an inside and outside perspective.

We show how to safely use the awning and also control the exterior lights.

We show what hose to use to refill the fresh water holding tank.

We cover what accessories are needed to connect to the city water hookup safely when you are camping at a park with full-service hookups.

We cover what hoses and accessories are needed to dump the black and gray tanks as well as flush the black tank as safely and sanitary as possible.

We also cover how much water to leave in the black tank so that it is easy to keep clean.

We show how and where to add the DEF fluid.

This is required for all of our customers who travel more than 1000 miles. Actually, this is most of our customers.

We demo what we feel is the best BBQ to use while traveling and how to connect it to the motorhomes onboard LPG system so that you don’t need to bring charcoal or propane bottles. These are the BBQs we use when we travel and also offer as an add-on for our customers!

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