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" I came from Hawaii to take an RV trip and RV Great Lakes stood out for its all-inclusive packageI also found out I could take the RV on the Ferry and take a little trip to Michigan.
I was blown away by how well put together and again the all-inclusive package.
There were things in the RV I didn't know I need it!.

If anyone wants to find a way to travel with no hassle and with an RV that handles phenomenally, THIS IS THE ONE! "

- Randy

" It's going to be hard to go back to Tent camping after this amazing trip"

" It was a Luxurious Glamping Experience"

- Derek & Andrea

" It was an amazing experience, it was very easy to use"

- John & Angela 

" We took the scenic route to Mt Rushmore with our family and our dogs, it was a fabulous trip"

"It was a great experience, great customer service"

- Jim & Natalia

"We got the check out a lot of places, the RV was amazing, the kids play with the awning, it was comfortable I slept better than I do at home, pretty easy to drive"


- Laura & Mike

" It was very easy, like driving a big truck.

It was nice with two kids being able to walk around & use the bathroom if we need it to.


We left feeling extremely confident, they made the entire process super simple"

- Tim & Carissa

The RV kept us nice and cleaned the entire time, SO THAT WAS NICE!


They have pamphlet, videos, and 24/7 Customer Service"

- Carley

“ It was a home away from home"


- Jonathan

This is a great group and a great RV Drives easy and rides nicely

Easy to handle, easy to maintain and operate You can focus on your trip and not the RV

Plenty of space and an overall great experience

We highly recommend it!"


“ I took my parents down to North Palm Beach to their winter condo and we stopped in Rock Island Tennessee for the first night, then the second night we stopped in St Augustine Florida at a private camp resort right on the water. Then down to North Palm Beach and back up to the panhandle of Florida then back to Wisconsin. The camper ran very good, nice turbo diesel and it was very comfortable for the three of us to travel in."

- Todd

I am a Milwaukee resident and was hesitant towards renting initially because I had never done this type of thing

The owners were wonderful and detailed the entire process for meThey made sure I was fully prepared and comfortable renting their coach

The coach itself is beautiful, it was new and it had every feature you could ask for on the road

My family and I had a wonderful time, and we are looking forward to our next tripWe were able to take a nice family trip that allowed us to stay in the comfort and safety of the coach throughout our tripWe were able to plan our trip so we could cook and sleep in the RV during the entire trip - something that we felt was very important given the current challenges presented when traveling in 2020

I would highly recommend renting from Great Lakes RV if you’re interested in an unforgettable road trip. "

- Tyron 

" Thank God for the Turbo Diesel going up the mountains of the Grand Canyon "

- Charles

" These renters are amazing. They have literally thought of every single thing you'll need when on the road. Their customer service is literally 24/7 and they couldn't be nicer about answering questions while you're out there. Their orientation is extremely thorough. And most importantly, their vans are second to none. The experience of renting from them was so successful we're already considering another couple of trips this summer. We had an absolutely fabulous experience and can't recommend them enough. XOXO "

- Kimberly

" Rides comfortable, great view thru front"

- Curtis

" It was a fantastic trip, the RV Handle great, RVGL is a great company to work with "

- Alan

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